Cake on a stand/pink

The set includes a stand, 6 pieces of cake, 6 candles, 6 meringue pieces

Each piece consists of a base and a side + three separate layers. They can be changed among themselves, so that the child can choose the order of the layers. This way, the child can make 3 different cakes.

Cake size:  5,9 x 5,9 x 6,3 inches

Made in Ukraine with love

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Introducing our delightful Cake Set, a perfect addition to your child’s playtime adventures. This imaginative playset includes a cake stand, 6 cake pieces, 6 candles, and 6 meringue pieces, offering endless opportunities for creative and educational fun.

Each cake piece is thoughtfully designed, with a base and a side, along with three separate layers. The ingenious design allows children to customize their cakes by rearranging the layers, providing room for creativity and imaginative play. With this set, children can craft up to 3 different cake variations, exploring various combinations and designs.

Made with attention to detail and your child’s safety in mind, our Cake Set is perfect for little hands. It encourages fine motor skills, cognitive development, and fosters imaginative play. Ideal for children aged 3 and above, this set provides a delightful and engaging experience for kids, promoting creative thinking and hands-on learning.


Preschool , Toddler


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