Wooden Rattle toy Maracas

Our Wooden Rattle toy Maracas are made from Linden wood, the perfect choice for babies. Each rattle is meticulously crafted, with a smooth, polished finish and rounded edges for safety. Coated with linseed oil for durability. The delightful sound of dry peas inside adds an enchanting rattling effect.

Material:  linden wood

Size 5.5×2.5 inches


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The Wooden Rattle toy Maracas is a delightful and entertaining instrument that will captivate your little one’s attention. Handcrafted with care, these maracas produce gentle, soothing sounds that stimulate auditory development and rhythm appreciation. The smooth wooden handles are perfect for small hands to hold and shake, promoting fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Made from eco-friendly materials, this wooden rattle is safe for babies and toddlers to explore and enjoy. Let the music fill your child’s world with joy and creativity with our Wooden Rattle toy Maracas.




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