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Wooden Barber Set

Handmade Wooden Barber Set made from the natural wood.

Made in Ukraine with love


Hair dryer 5×6 inches

Hair straightener 6.5×1.5 inches

Scissors 5×2.5 inches

Original price was: $72.00.Current price is: $65.00.

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Step into the world of imaginative play with our Wooden Barber Set toy! Crafted from natural wood, this set includes all the essential tools for your little one to become a pretend hairstylist. From the hair dryer to the scissors, hair comb, and hair straightener, the possibilities for creative hairstyles are endless. Watch as your child hones their fine motor skills and unleashes their creativity while engaging in endless hours of hairstyling fun. Let their imagination run wild as they create trendy hairdos for their toys and friends. Our Wooden Barber Set is not only a fun toy but also promotes role-playing and social skills. Let your child explore the art of hairstyling in a safe and eco-friendly way with this delightful set. Make playtime truly special with Oakpinetoys!


Preschool , Toddler


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